RB3612 Impact-resistant safety cylinder, excl. accessories

Note you only buy the cylinders themselves, all accessories must be bought next to it.

Product properties

Series 600RB impact-resistant safety cylinder is used for locking, where extra high security is required for fastening the cylinder.

Facts Series 600RB

  • Drill securing
  • Top code
  • Patented key
  • Patented technology
  • New silver keys
  • The key can be freely copied

Technical specifications

RB3612 fits all doors with Connect or module lock case and doors with edge bar lock, where the lock case is for oval cylinder.
The cylinder is fastened with 4 hardened screws and is also equipped with a hardened drill safety plate, hardened drill safety pins in the cylinder housing and drum and a special spring ring that provides extremely good protection against attack.
Accessories are ordered separately. Accessories consist of 2 pcs. cylinder head (eg 136347), 2 pcs. cylinder ring (eg 136060), 1 pc. spring ring (250035), 4 pcs. hardened screw (eg 793367), 1 pc. screw cover (372083), if necessary. extension parts (934003) and longer screws.
Available with accessories in glossy chrome, polished brass and stainless look.

Approvals and markings

The cylinder meets the requirements according to DS / EN 1303: 2005 6/2, which are used by the insurance companies.


Before using the lock for the first time, it must be lubricated with ASSA ABLOY lock spray. ASSA ABLOY recommends that the lock is then lubricated at least every six months, to ensure that it always works optimally.


Stainless Look Brass

Price Dkr

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Model: 163000
Barcode: 5713184052745
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