PULSE: Secure and sustainable digital locking system for domiciles / commercial properties and residential companies

A future-proof digital locking system without batteries and instead with energy-generating cylinders and padlocks.

PULSE has been developed for many different environments, from apartments to schools and commercial properties, where there is a large turnover of users. It is an intelligent and future-proof solution that can easily replace existing cylinders.

This wireless and digital locking system requires no batteries or power supply. Each user has a programmable key that gives them access to specific locks and doors. Access rights are granted via Incedo ™ Open, a cloud-based access control system, which not only makes PULSE really simple to use, but also easy to update at any time. With the integration in a cloud-based access control system, you can at any time extend the PULSE locking system to several doors or integrate it in other solutions. A scalable solution that can be adapted to the users and needs of your property.

PULSE itself generates energy at every use and meets two of the biggest challenges related to our security and society. The features, including the ability to digitally deactivate keys as well as its cost-effectiveness, make PULSE a locking system that is not only ready for the future, but designed for it.

Experience the benefits of the ASSA ABLOY PULSE digital locking system


A convenient and programmable key gives you personal access

Say goodbye to bundles of mechanical keys and key cards, because with PULSE, each user carries an easily programmable key. Using a cloud-based access control system, lost keys can be easily disabled and access permissions can be granted or revoked anywhere and anytime. Then you easily and simply get a flexible and fully customized system.

Photo of two hands and an ASSA ABLOY PULSE key in a handover

Save money with a cordless locking system without batteries

Energy-generating cylinders and padlocks ensure that this energy-saving and sustainable digital locking system saves you money, as no power consumption is required at the door. PULSE uses the kinetic energy generated when the key is inserted in the lock to drive the encrypted communication between key and cylinder.

Photo of ASSA ABLOY Pulse nails and cylinder that generate kinetic engi

Easy installation in new or existing premises

You can easily replace your traditional mechanical cylinders in the doors with PULSE energy-generating cylinders, after which your new digital locking system is ready for use. Cylinders, padlocks and keys can all be reprogrammed so you can reuse them wherever you need them.

Photo of man installing ASSA ABLOY PULSE in a door

Update access rights from anywhere with a cloud-based access control system

Property managers have control anytime, anywhere thanks to Incedo ™ Open. A cloud-based access control system that programs PULSE keys with precise individual access permissions.

Photo of man programming ASSA ABLOY PULSE nails easily via a computer

Perfect for multi-user properties and high traffic

Since each user has their own individual programmable key, it is easy for the property administrator to grant access or revoke users' access to the various doors. When a user no longer requires or wants access to your property, the key simply needs to be reprogrammed to a new user - at no extra cost.

Photo of a man closing a door and holding an ASSA ABLOY PULSE key in his hand

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