Fix 2250 Rod lock with extra lock Note 2000 mm for upper piston

Fix 2250 Rod lock with extra lock

Special model for high doors, 2000 mm for upper pistons

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Model: CA2250-2000
Barcode: 9999999992250
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Both lock cases can be mounted with either oval
or round cylinder with standard accessories.
The lock is a fall-bolt lock and comes standard with
2 side pistons of the wedge piston type.
At the top is an extra bolt lock box without
grip function Assa 9788.
This lock case works independently of the lower one
lock case and aims to provide extra security
for example. warehouse, business doors or doors where large
security is desired.
Edge rail 25 x 2 mm, horizontal drawbar with
screw holes located in the middle of the edge rail.
Finishing glossy galvanized or yellow chromated.
Mandrel size 50 mm.
Locking depth 74 mm.
Can be ordered according to own measurements or according to FIX drawing no.
Right or left is determined by the fall which is
reversible when removing the lock case.
As a standard end plate, piston plate FIX 5145 is used
as well as fall-bolt plate FIX 5950.
For the extra lock case Assa 9788 can be used
rigelblik Ruko 2301 / Assa 1888

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