Abus PIR network camera

Model: TVIP41550
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The PIR network camera is a real innovation from ABUS Security-Center and combines the best of IP-based alarm and video technology. The camera module consists of a high-resolution 1.0 megapixel CMOS sensor (HD 720p) and an integrated 3.45 mm lens. A PIR motion sensor is also integrated with Real Alarm Selection. In motion detection and in the dark, white light LEDs are activated, which illuminate the front field effectively, at the same time starting the video recording. In parallel, alarm responses can be implemented - depending on the use of the camera. In this connection, there are almost no limits to the possibilities - in addition to an integration in the wireless Secvest IP alarm center or in the IP alarm module, a stand-alone solution in connection with a NAS is also conceivable. In addition to triggering an alarm, parallel sending of emails with attached image or storage of the images on an FTP server is also possible. Particular advantage is the immediate alarm verification - thus false alarms or error reactions are a thing of the past. The images are transmitted via or wirelessly via W-LAN. The images are downloaded on request via browser or client software or also mobile via mobile phone or smartphone. It is also possible to download comfortably via apps (iPhone, Android). The images are stored either plug-in SD cards or on a connected NAS or 4-channel video storage. åWith this integrated video and alarm solution, you create added value for security and leverage the connecting power of network technology for more intelligence in surveillance technology.

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