SISO E_WIN Patio door lock with chip, App and Bluetooth Incl 2 batteries

By: Siso
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NOTE Delivered in the future with 2 batteries as we have learned that too many people buy the wrong batteries for the locks.

Search for E-locks on google play or the App Store.

Bluetooth / RFID Window Lock, "E-Win"

2 pieces included

Nice patio door handle with RFID reader.

A Master piece is loaded which is used to create other pieces.

10 proxy fob (pieces) can be loaded per lock.

The first fob to load is the master fob.

The same fob can be loaded into infinite number of grips.

When you need to unlock a handle, you press the button to wake the lock and then you present the piece.

To lock, just press the button.

An APP comes to the handle so that you can always open the handle when the APP is open on the phone and the phone is near the handle.

Battery can be purchased at the battery city

You can also buy extra batteries below.

Download manual here User guide E-WIN.pdf

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Fits all patio, balcony doors and windows
screw center dimensions 43mm and grip pin dimensions 7x7mm or 8x8mm.
• Easy to install. Reuse existing screws and mounting holes from your old handle.
• Opened via wireless (RFID) key tag or with Bluetooth via
"E-locks" app.
• Locked without the use of a chip or Bluetooth. Just at the touch of a button
on the lock.
• Creation and deletion of users / key tags via master key
Possibility of programming 9 users per. lock.
Possibility of programming several users on several different ones
• Power via 2 pcs. lithium batteries AA / SL760-3.6V. (not included)
• Download user guide from and the app
"E-locks" in the App Store or Google Play.


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