We use padlocks everywhere in our everyday life, on the shed in the garden, on the closet in the fitness center, at school, at work, etc.

Here you will find all the best locks on the market and you have the opportunity to get them with a code or with a key, just as you can buy more with the same key.

A key to all your padlocks

Wouldn't it be nice to have the same key for the trailer, shed, and closet in the gym, you can get that by ordering single padlocks, alternatively you can order a code lock so you completely get rid of keys.

We especially recommend padlocks from ABUS as they are a German quality brand, you are sure to get the best quality when you choose their padlocks, at the same time they guarantee the goods with a good exchange policy.

We can also recommend their TSA padlocks which are approved as suitcase locks for when you travel to the USA, for example, so you avoid a cut-up padlock in customs.

Find a padlock in the right size

Most padlocks are available in different sizes and lengths of the hangers, look in the drop down box and see if the one you are looking for is also available in several different models, you can also get large series of single if you have a company or an association where you will settle for a key to everything. Then it is also easy to re-order keys later as they are marked with a closing number where you can order extra locks.

If you need to use container locks, it is important that you know the insurance requirement from your insurance company first, if they require a fuse corresponding to red class then you must use the Mavako padlock , the Cisa padlock is no longer insurance approved.

Large selection from the best brands of padlocks

Ruko´'s padlock series is available in many sizes and spare parts are available for all the locks just as the cylinder can be replaced if you replace the locking system, all sizes are available in different lengths brackets and different thicknesses of the brackets, especially their bolt lock series is ingenious for e.g. trailer locks and basement doors where you can rule out tampering with the hanger. You know RUKO´'s padlocks on the black housing with the stripe, Green for general use, blue for Approved locking and Red for insurance approved locking.

Huge selection of padlocks, all brands

We also have large batches of single-closing or different-closing locks at really good prices.