Abloy magnetic lock PE580

Model: DA6254968986
By: Ruko
Barcode: 6416495236260
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Abloy magnetic lock PE580
For panic and escape routes where electronic access control is fitted. Fits panic bracket PBE001. Fall trap with interlock and split door handle fall tube. The lock is mainly controlled electrically, so that it locks automatically after the use of a cylinder or push rod, if there is no impulse or constant signal indicating that it must be unlocked. When the door is closed, the auxiliary trap blocks the door handle trap in the locked position.
PE580 can be set to either upright or reverse function. The outer grip is electronically controlled. The inner push rod always opens the lock. When turned on correctly, the external handle opens when there is power on, and thus does not work when the power is off. In reverse mode, the outer handle does NOT open when power is on, when the power is turned off, the door handle works. The lock can always be opened with a key or internal push rod.
Technical info:
Voltage 12-24 VDC
Thorn 50 mm
Tested and approved according to EN14886 [3 S 5 E - L 3 1 1]
EN1125 - Panic output
Can be used for fire-rated doors

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