Abloy magnetic lock EL587 HI-O

Abloy magnetic lock EL587 HI-O
The lock can be used for day locking in connection with. m access control for interior and exterior doors. EL587 is suitable for industry, offices, apartments and detached houses.
EL587 is a Hi-O lock that can be connected to a Hi-O bus. Devices in the Hi-O bus have a built-in microprocessor and communicate with each other for plug`n play installation, synchronization of door operation, monitoring / behavior and dianostic information.

EL587 with split handle drop tube.
- Exterior is electrically controlled
- Inside always has active door handle
Technical specifications
• The lock can always be opened with a cylinder / knob handle
• Multifunctional - 12 - 24 VDC, staff
Inverted or inverted function
Selection of exit side, electrical / mechanical side of door leaf
Variable drop projection 20 mm or 14 mm
- 2 microswitches, interlock and grip status
- 50 mm mandrel size
• Cables are equipped with plastic connectors for easy installation. Use EA216 or EA226
• Hi-O technology
• Power consumption 580-280 mA, 12 VDC 300-160mA, 24 VDC

Hi-O for stands for "Highly Intelligent Opening" and is a concept for door environments that simplifies installation or upgrade and at the same time ensures an intelligent and efficient diagnosis, service and maintenance, just as with Hi-O ™ you have the opportunity to achieve the highest possible security.

Approvals and markings
Certified according to EN14846 [3 S 5 E - L 3 1 3]
EN179 - Emergency exit - Recommended for use with ABLOY exit lever INOXI
Can be used for fire-rated doors.

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