Large selection of magnetic locks

Various Magnetic locks in different brands and brands. Magnetic locks are an easy and inexpensive way to get keyboard or other control of its doors, used especially in businesses and housing associations. You can easily change a defective lock case, which has a plug on the back so it is plug and play, so on the lock case what it is called and order a similar one then it is ready to change.

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ASSA ABLOY Magnetic locks

ASSA ABLOY magnetic locks are especially suitable as day locks in companies and institutions where a very short reaction time from the lock is desired. Magnetic locks provide easy and trouble-free passenger traffic around the building. Magnetic locks can be used in connection with access control systems, on / off clocks, time-controlled and remote-controlled doors, fire alarm systems and the like.

Magnetic lock as rod lock

Today you can also get Magnetic locks as bar locks, but they are a bit special and we do not recommend it for ordinary solutions but it can be done if you have a door that must be secured with a bar lock. When you make a new door with a magnetic lock, you need a 12V power supply, a keyboard or reader and an expression on the inside, a little twist and grip and then you are running. Of course there is some work in the assembly and connection but not something that is more difficult than you can find How to do online.

Magnetic locks for efficient door control

Need a simple lock that ensures you smooth traffic in your building? At Lavpris-Låse you will find a wide range of magnetic locks. These locks are suitable for both individuals, companies, institutions and in housing associations. They are often used where there is a lot of traffic in and out of the doors. It is both cheap and easy to invest in magnetic locks for your doors. Take a closer look at the range on this page, and find the right lock with a magnet for your particular door. Remember that we send for free for purchases over DKK 500.

Convenient and easy control of doors

At Lavpris-Låse you will find magnetic locks from reputable brands such as Abloy, Dorma and Safetron. You will find both common types of magnetic locks, just as we also carry bar locks. They are all of high quality and extremely easy to mount on your doors.
Why choose a magnetic lock? Your benefits of choosing the magnetic lock are:
- They are easy to work with
- You get a magnetic lock with a short reaction time
- You can time lock the door
- You can use the lock for a remote-controlled door
All in all, there are many benefits to choosing a magnetic lock for your door. It gives you both a practical, safe and easy way to control the door lock. Use them for an access control system, doors with time control, for remote-controlled doors or fire reinforcement systems. There are many utilization options with a magnetic lock.

Magnetic locks for companies, housing associations and individuals

Does the magnetic lock sound like something for you? They are popular and used extensively by individuals, companies and housing associations. With these locks you ensure simple control of your doors. In addition, the locks are also easy to replace, just as they are quite simple to install.
When the magnetic lock is to be mounted for the first time in a new door, it requires some equipment such as power supply, keyboard, knob and handle. Are you not even nimble on your fingers? Then you can hire one of our skilled fitters to come out and do the job for you. We can help with any lock fitting.

Buy magnetic locks today

Looking for a smart magnetic lock for the door? Lavpris-Låse is Denmark's largest online shop within locks and surveillance. That is why we of course carry a wide selection of this type of lock. Should you have questions about any of the products in the range? You can always contact us for good advice and guidance. We help you well in the goal of choosing the right lock for your door.