RUKO, EVVA and ABUS locking systems.

For both private and business, all with copy-safe keys.

Note when you order Locking Systems as there are no keys for the Cylinders, these must be purchased separately.

Securing business

For companies and institutions, it is important to have good security - especially outside opening hours, where in industrial districts and office environments there can often be long periods without anyone passing by. But also in the normal opening hours where customers, business associates and daily users come, it is of great importance to have order in security.

Locking systems

For locking units and institutions, Ruko recommends the Triton 510 locking system, which is located at the highest level of security and is patented. Regardless of the company's size, geographical location of buildings and desire for locking, it can be arranged that each user has only one key.

A sensible alternative to the Triton 501 locking system is the Mercury 401 which is located in the second highest level of security. Merkur 401 is a drill and die-proof locking system where there is full control over the number of keys. See more .

With a Ruko locking system, unwelcome guests can be kept out and those who are welcome can easily enter relevant places - without having to be provided with a huge bundle of keys.

Electronic access control

Many companies in Denmark also increase the security of employees, values and production secrets by investing in efficient electronic management and monitoring of access to the company's administration and production buildings.

With electronic access control such as Ruko ARX, all employees are equipped with a personal magnetic card that is coded to give that person access to the spaces that are relevant to him or her.


Every year, many burglaries are committed in Danish companies; it can cause costly production breakdowns and annoying delivery delays. Often it is easily negotiable things like designer furniture and IT equipment that are of interest to burglars.

Both when it comes to traditional security and new electronic access control of companies, the lock is crucial. Basically, shops and businesses must be securely locked with at least one R & D-registered lock , after which you can supplement with several locks, grilles, alarms, security guards, etc.