Key Alike Lock Cylinders
If you order several cylinders and they have to be unlocked, you must note that you only get the keys from one cylinder, the rest is coded out when the locks are made unlocked. If you want the cylinders coded according to your own keys / codes, no extra keys are included

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Model: RU448102
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Securing the home with a good locking cylinder
Many Danish homes are equipped with outdated locks. The lock and key with the round head are no longer a good security for the exterior doors.

Change the locks and get a handle on the keys to the lock cylinder - even before moving in
It is quite common to just take over the previous owner / tenant's keys. There may therefore be an unimaginable number of keys in circulation that have not been transferred. It is often also the case that the lock is old and that the security is therefore no longer up to date. It should be a regular routine to change the locks when moving to a new home.

Stop the burglary before it happens - Buy a good locking cylinder
Good habits and common sense are some of the most important if the desire is to prevent burglary. And it is relatively easy to limit the risk of burglary considerably, by simply taking a few precautions.

Install patented locks on all exterior doors
for example. Garant Plus or Series 1200 Cylinders D12
Check that it is locked when leaving the home
Make sure it looks like someone is home
Lock tools and garden tools inside