Delicious products with built-in charger and the option of locking and locking

Secure and flexible storage

Ensure flexible solutions adapted to different needs. The products are thoroughly tested and meet the highest safety requirements, so you can safely use them in all types of schools and educational institutions. Great flexibility in the products, which in many cases can be easily reconfigured.

Fast charging adapted to your equipment

Integrated charging options designed for every conceivable need, whether your devices use USB-A, USB-C or standard power sockets. This ensures that your devices are always properly and safely charged and ready for teaching.

Solid investment for many years

Robust charging and storage products in high quality and timeless design that lasts for many years. The choice of materials in our products is carefully selected for the teaching environment and we thereby ensure a service life of products that exceed the service life of the units.

92.39EUR  Incl. VAT
( 73.91EUR  Excl. VAT )

Are tablets and laptops ready for use in teaching - all day long?

Today's digital teaching must be easy and straightforward. Tablets, laptops, Chromebooks, iPads or other electronic devices must always be fully charged, properly stored and ready for use throughout the day. They must be able to move easily and quickly from one place to another in a fast and safe way.