Do you need to move a larger number of devices at once?

The NoteCart series consists of mobile robust storage and charging carts for laptops, Chromebooks, tablets and iPads.
You can store and charge between 12, 16, 24, 30 or 32 devices simultaneously in the various NoteCart products.

The NoteCart products are among our most well-known and popular products that have a long shelf life.
We have two NoteCart product categories, Flex and Unifit, each containing trolleys in several sizes and types depending on your needs.

The design of the NoteCart fits into any environment, whether it is at a school, institution, workplace or a health center.
NoteCart is a good solution if you need to move a large number of devices at once between rooms. The 4 wheels on the NoteCart series do that
the trolley is easy to drive with, regardless of the weight of the many devices and the floor type.
All electronics are locked during operation in the room at the back of the NoteCart, so that only the IT manager has access to power and electronics.