Safes and key cabinets / boxes

Key box for any purpose

A key box is incredibly smart if you need to lock keys to the home, garage, business premises, a shed or something completely fifth. With the keys in the key box, they are easily accessible to those who either have a key to the box or a code to it. That way, you do not have to carry too many extra keys, and people who need access do not have to worry about having the keys with them.
Low-cost locks carry a wide range of key boxes. You will find both electronic boxes, key cabinets with a key for or cabinets with a code lock. Take a closer look at the entire range on this page and find key boxes for your needs at always good prices.

High security and easy access

Low-cost locks sell a wealth of security-approved key boxes. These include the electronic cabinets with code locks. These are ideal if you want to store your keys safely in the home or at work.
In the home, it can give extra peace of mind that keys to the garage or shed are locked if the thief should now have broken into your home. It provides better security than if the keys were freely forward. The key box can also be ideal to have hanging in the garage. Here you could e.g. have your extra key to the home securely stored. So you can get into your home even if you have got your own key away.
In the workplace, it can be smart to have a key box when certain employees need to access specific spaces. As long as they have the code for the box, they can grab the keys and lock themselves in. It can give you greater security that the employees do not take the keys home, but leave them in the key box for safe storage. Just like you do not have to make too many extra keys for your employees.

Cabinet with key or code

In our range you will find everything from an electronic key cabinet, to a key cabinet with a code and a completely traditional cabinet with a key. You should choose the one that makes the most sense. If you want to avoid having to make too many keys, it obviously makes the best sense to have a code lock cabinet or an electronic cabinet.

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