Joma - get secure locking and storage

In many professions, institutions and also in the home one can have use to lock important affects. It can be anything from keys and money to medicine. These items can be locked to avoid theft, but also to have them safely stored in case of an emergency. The Spanish brand Joma manufactures cabinets for just these purposes. See more in the selection below and find your favorite key cabinet, medicine cabinet, emergency key box or cash register.

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Model: 7069024100
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Model: DA7069009011
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Model: DA7069009015
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Model: DA70691000022
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Model: DA7069100010
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Model: DA7069100011
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Model: DA7069100012
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Model: DA7069100020
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Model: DA7069100021
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Model: DA7069100030
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Model: DA7069100031
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Model: DA7069100032
656,25  Incl. VAT
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Joma key cabinets and medicine cabinets

In our range from the brand Joma, you will find safe cabinets for several purposes. One of them is key storage. There are many professions and institutions where you need to store keys securely and locked. It can be keys to rooms, vehicles, etc. The cabinets are made so that they can be mounted on the wall. They come with space for 20 keys and up to 208 keys.

Medications can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Therefore, it is obvious to invest in a medicine cabinet for your institution, clinic or company. The medicine cabinet from Joma is made so that everyone can see that it is a cabinet for medicine, first aid kit or similar. The cabinet comes in two different sizes.

Joma cash registers with code locks

The money boxes from Joma are ideal for smaller companies, associations or in the private sector. They are really smart to use if you need to charge smaller amounts for fairs, flea markets, banko or the like. You can lock the cash register with a code of your choice. Thus, only you can unlock it again. It is extremely functional, instead of having a cash register with a key to. The key is easily removed, but the code can be remembered or noted in a safe place.

Order online here and increase your security

Security plays a big role in many people's everyday lives. Even the smallest thing like a key cabinet or a safe can increase security. So you avoid cash theft and make it harder for the thief to steal vehicles or gain access to high value premises.

Not sure which key cabinet to buy? Whether it can be mounted on your wall? Or something completely different? You can always contact us for advice and guidance. We have more than 60 years of experience in the industry and can therefore always help you move forward to get more security in everyday life. Remember that you always get free shipping on purchases over DKK 500.