ILOQ Europrofile half-cylinder

YOUR single-cylinder with small reader, (30/10 mm)

Battery-free programmable electromechanical lock cylinder for iLOQ S50 locking system. NFC-powered: no batteries required for the lock. Opening with NFC enabled Android and iOS mobile phones or iLOQ K55S Key Fob.

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Model: IL-D50S.111.SD
Barcode: 9999090900251
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Battery-free programmable electromechanical lock cylinder

The patented award-winning iLOQ S50 locking system offers advanced security and convenient access sharing in master lock environments.

The iLOQ C50S Oval cylinder picks up the supply voltage wirelessly using NFC technology, which makes it possible to use the phone not only as a key but also as a power source, and the lock thus works completely without batteries. As no batteries are required, the locks are maintenance-free and an environmentally friendly, green solution that eliminates the work and waste as well as the costs and environmental impacts associated with battery-based solutions.

The lock has no keyhole and works solely because of the NFC technology that enables wireless communication. It is designed to be used in harsh environments where it is exposed to dust, moisture and varying temperatures, ranging from extreme cold to high heat.

When used as a key, the phone allows for flexible access sharing with time constraints as well as wireless monitoring and log reporting. The level of security remains high and security breaches due to lost keys can be eliminated completely without costly replacements of locks and keys.

The cylinder housing is 30 mm long. The length of the cylinder can be easily changed from 5 mm to 100 mm by means of extension pieces. Modular expansion solutions provide flexible storage and easy change of length at installation sites. The modular system also allows for different cylinder combinations: semi- and double-cylinders and cylinders with knobs. The cylinder is available with two different reader lengths - small and large. The small reader can be adjusted 2 mm and the large reader 4 mm in steps of 2 mm.

Function overview

• Programmable electromechanical locking cylinder without batteries for iLOQ S50 locking system

• NFC drive: No batteries are required for the lock

• Unlock via an Android phone with NFC technology or an electronic iLOQ K55S key fob

• Secured with efficient AES256 encryption and mutual authentication

• Complies with the DIN 18252 standard for Europrofile cylinders

• Modular construction allows for easy configuration of half or double cylinders or cylinders with knobs and adjustment of the cylinder length

• Extensions are available in steps of 5 mm up to 70 mm

Initial programming with PC and iLOQ P55S.1 programming token when connecting to server

• List of access rights for access groups

• Blacklist of individual lost keys

• Internal monitoring and logo information with timestamp (can be configured on / off)

• Supports time constraints

• Can be configured to require approval for online upload

• Reprogramming with keys (Android phone or an electronic K55S key)

• Possibility of updating firmware

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