Geze door pump ts2000 silver w / arm 2-5

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Geze door pump ts2000 silver w / arm 2-5

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Rack door closer with variable closing force for doors up to 1250 mm in width

TS 2000 V door shutter with variable closing force according to DIN EN 1154 in sizes 2, 4 and 5. Easy adjustment of the closing speed. Setting the final pressure via the arm.

Product characteristics

  • Door closer TS 2000 V for doors with a width of up to 1250 mm
  • Variable closing force EN 2/4/5 via staggered mounting
  • Closing speed steplessly adjustable, final pressure setting via arm
  • Can be used for right / left doors without adjustment
  • Accessories: Arm with mechanical hold adjustable between 70 ° - 150 °
  • Variants: Hydraulic opening damping (GEZE TS 2000 V BC)