Safetron engine lock ML 151

Safetron engine lock ML 151, with end plate and cable

Safetron engine lock ML 151
ML 151 is a bolt motor lock built as a magnetic lock.
All available control functions are located in the lock case. No separate control box. Indication of bolts outside and door closed. Meets the requirements according to SS3079 class 3.
Delivered in 2 different models, with and without end plate, magnet and cable.
Technical data:
- Thorn 50 mm. Center distance 105 mm.
- Voltage: 10-35 VDC, 8-24 VAC
- Power consumption 50 mA, max 350 mA when activated
- Working temperature -20 ° C to + 40 ° C
- Fits Scandinavian oval and round cylinders

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Model: DA5741505128

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