Abloy motor lock EL590

Abloy motor lock EL590
Multi-function lock with mandrel size 50 mm. EL590 can be used for escape routes, fire doors, automatic doors and general locking. EL590 replaces 8904. Locks and interlocks with traps and auxiliary traps, open by means of motor. EL590 has integrated control unit and timer function. Reversible.
In daily use, the EL590 is opened and locked using the motor. In a panic situation, the EL590 can be overridden by e.g. fire alarm and it becomes a “mechanical” lock, whereby the lock can be opened using the door handle.
Technical data:
- Operating voltage: 12-24 VDC Stabilized
- Power consumption at 12 VDC Max .: 1700 mA
- Normal: 600 mA, rest: 50 mA
- Power consumption at 24 VDC Max. : 700 mA, Normal: 250 mA, rest: 25 mA
- Working temperature: -20 ° - + 60 ° C
- F&P registered in grade 3 according to EN12209 - Tested according to EN1634-1 (fire), EN179 (emergency exit)

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