Model: ED100
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Arm Slide rail
White Silver

Automatic with future-proof function for hinged doors

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Automatic with future-proof function for hinged doors.

The new machines in Contur Design are fully optimized for modern construction. Fills up as little as possible and can thus be fitted in most environments. Ensures easy and elegant access for everyone in the public space as well as in private. ED 100 for the lighter tasks and ED 250 for the larger ones. Approved for fire doors. Also available for double-leaf doors with concealed built-in synchronization of the doors' closing order.


Fulfills the intentions of easy access in DS / CEN / TR - 15894-2009

Architectural integration with the beauty of Contur Design

• Can be used anywhere in construction

Requires as little space as possible in relation to the strength

• Low noise in the surroundings

• ED 100 and ED 250 have the same appearance and dimensions

• For single and double-leaf doors

• Approved for fire doors

• With concealed built-in synchronization bracket for double-winged fire doors

• Unsurpassed versatile electronics with easy use of expansion pins

Built-in setting of frame pressure (electric end plate, etc.)