Dorma - quality equipment

Danish Dorma are experts when it comes to door pumps. They have some of the best products that you can equip your door with. In our range you will find different types of door pumps, door closers, door stops, lock cases, slide rails, padlocks, motor locks, door handles and other equipment for your door. You will find all products from the brand on this page. If you have questions about the products, you can always contact us!

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Model: DA7031010768
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Model: ED100
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Model: DA1521050210
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Model: DA1599000000
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Model: DA2030001728
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Model: DA1204003620
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Model: DAED250
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Model: DA1521071200
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Model: DA1521001075
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Model: heka+457/2
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Model: CA41762244
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Model: DA1599009302
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Model: DA7032000285
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Model: DA7030012363
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Model: DA7031007515
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Model: DA1554191069
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Model: DA1523750000
337.54EUR  Incl. VAT
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Model: DA1521510501
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Model: DA1529000350
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Model: Dictator1600
  • 1009
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159.95EUR  Incl. VAT
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Model: DA1522009306
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454.98EUR  Incl. VAT
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Model: DA1521079330
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892.99EUR  Incl. VAT
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We have a large selection of Dorma equipment is a leader in locks and surveillance. We have a wealth of equipment for doors and other security - all from many quality brands. One of them is Dorma. The Danish brand here is especially known for their Dorma door closers, door pumps and door holders. They are experts when it comes to equipment that either closes or keeps your door open.

Efficient products from Dorma

The door pumps are efficient if you need to be able to keep the door open for a longer period of time. Or if you want to set it to have a slower or faster closing speed. You can also adjust the final pressure, so that the door e.g. do not get slapped in with a bang. Door closers from the brand are good for controlling fire doors. If the fire door e.g. must be open daily, but must be closed in the event of a fire alarm. Their door holders are effective if you need to keep a door open. For example. if you need to have air in or carry larger items out the door. The equipment can be used for doors in institutions, companies, offices, etc.

Dorma equals high quality

You should never question the quality when you buy products from Dorma. The brand is the epitome of high, Danish quality. You therefore always get products that keep their promises. Well, notice for a long time. With their high quality, the products are extremely durable. They last for daily use and do not get worn out right away.

Order online and get fast delivery of i.a. Dorma

Do you have a door that does not always have to be closed? Or who needs to close in a certain way? Then you need to take a closer look at our equipment from Dorma. Here you will find everything you need to make your door more efficient for your needs. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact our customer service!

When you shop at Lavpris-Laase, you always get fast delivery. 90% of all orders are actually shipped the same day. All orders over DKK 500 are also delivered free of charge!