There are so many different needs for video surveillance that we have chosen to no longer sell ready-made packages but in future sell packages adapted to the individual customer, so here are the items we PT have in stock and you can order what you need.

Under the individual cameras you will find rear boxes for mounting places where it is not possible to get the wires into the construction. The different rear boxes will appear on the individual cameras.

If there is something you are missing, contact

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Telephone setup

If you want to call the cameras from your phone / ipad or similar, download IDMSS in the App store

Computer setup

If you want to view and set them up from Computer then download this program

For example, watch this video about how.

You can also set it all up by plugging an HDMI monitor directly into your NV

When you choose video surveillance, it is important to find your needs first, if you want the entire perimeter of the house covered, then you must choose the camera location that covers for each other, that is, you can not access one camera without being seen on another camera. Here, Dahua cameras are ideal.

At the same time, make sure that the cameras are so high that they cannot be manipulated. If they can not get high enough, choose EYEBALL camera or DOME camera. The best pictures you will get from a bullet camera or an EYEBALL camera as they are not so delicate in terms of a little dirt on the glass.

If you choose DOME Camera, we recommend that you ensure that there is enough light for you to disconnect the IR or choose FULL COLOR cameras that are not affected by the glare from the IR light.

If you just want the best then choose FULL COLOR camera and a PRO recorder, then you are well covered for future expansions as well.

All DAHUA´s cameras (except WIFI Cameras) are supplied with power via POE in at least CAT5E cables, you can choose to run the cables directly in NVR from where they are supplied POEs or you can connect them to a POE Switch so they are just on the same network as NVR recorder.

In general, there are a lot of videos about Dahua's products so we recommend that you get a little into it first.

See for example here

For example, we recommend that you watch this video before you start setting up Dahua surveillance systems