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Burg safe Combi line CL 410 - New

Model: DA1238101152
Barcode: 4003482411902
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Burg safe Combi line CL 410 - New Formerly CL10E

Safe with electr. lock, fire approved for 30 min.

Note sent directly from Supplier.

Weight 44 kg

HxWxD in mm

Exterior dimensions: 320x435x380mm
Internal dimensions: 205x320x232mm


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Safety cabinet Combi-Line with certified fire protection

The BURG GUARDS security cabinets from the Combi-Line series not only guarantee optimal security against burglars, but are additionally tested and certified by fire protection . Thus, the combi-line is ideal for the storage of valuables, important documents and loved ones.

Robust anchoring stops thieves

If the thief offers a safe, it will not be opened for the most part, but taken with him. A robust anchorage protects against theft. This is in the case of the Combi-Line series from work. Of course, the required fastening material is delivered immediately. With two diagonally arranged bores in the back wall and in the floor, the vault is connected to a wall, foot floor or a piece of furniture.

Massive closures prevent violent openings

Whoever wants to open a combi-line safe with force meets massive resistance. The double-walled body, the lateral locks with 25 mm strong round bolts as well as a sliding bolt prevent breakage. Another plus point in matters of safety: the inside hinge. Thus, the combi-line offers only a minimal attack surface during break-in attempts.

Capacity from 15 to 78 liters

The various sizes of the Combi-Line Safes offer a volume of 15 liters (CL 410), 27 liters (CL 420), 50 liters (CL 440) and 78 liters (CL 460). So we have the appropriate safe on offer for all needs. This does not create confusion in your valuables and documents - the large CL 460 holds up to eight file folders - the Combi-Line is delivered in series with an adjustable specialist floor . This way you keep an overview at all times. And thanks to the timeless design in modern black, the furniture treasurer fits perfectly in any ambience.

The combi-line defies even heavier equipment

New safe electronics offer even more comfort

When opening the Combi-Line vault, you choose between the opening with a classic key (K-models) or an electronic code (E-models). The 2020 new safe electronics "SecuTronic" TRSE 12 H introduced with well-thought-out features in terms of safety and comfort. Finally, the operation is simple and innovative. Thus, the control panel offers an oblique touch control panel with a graphic display . Instead of effortlessly searching for the "On" key, you just have to scroll down the field. This has already been activated. Furthermore, the sloping control panel also offers an optimal view from above. You can of course choose the opening code freely. You will be provided with a freely selectable admin code and a user code . By the way, you can read the opening story very conveniently via the display. Zusätzlich wird ab there Eingabe von drei falschen Codes eine Sperrzeit aktiviert. Thus, burglars have no chance to try many combinations.

Certified fire protection

Regardless of size or locking system: All combi-line vaults are equipped with a certified fire protection (fire resistance LFS 30P according to DIN 15659). This means that in the event of a fire, papers are protected inside for at least 30 minutes . A fire protection material according to DIN 4102 as well as a special federal insulation in front of the door leaf serve as heat protection. Thus, locks and bars are protected from strong heat impact.

Security cabinet convinces experts of "Stiftung Wartentest"

The convincing overall package of comfort and security makes the Tresor Combi-Line for the private household as well as for small businesses the right choice . Finally, the treasury (tested the predecessor model Combi-Line CL 20 E) convinced even the critical experts of "Stiftung Warentest". Because at the "test" magazine published in the magazine "test" (November 2017 issue) , the Combi-Line shone as a winner . Particularly gratifying: Best notes were given for burglary protection (1.0) and theft protection (1.1).

Through the security level B, the Tresor line Combi-Line offers insurance protection of up to 20,000 euros (private) and 2,500 euros (businesses) . Please note: A reconciliation with the respective insurer is required due to the different insurance conditions.

This is what the combi-line offers

  • Type tested and ECB • S / VdS supervised security
  • Fire resistance LFS 30P according to EN 15659
  • Fire protection material according to DIN 4102
  • Compound insulation in front of the door leaf as heat protection for locks and bars
  • Safety level S2 according to DIN EN 14450
  • Security level B according to VDMA 24992, status May 1995
  • Double-walled construction
  • Internal hinge
  • Lateral locking by 25 mm strong round bolts plus sliding bars on top
  • Rear rail on the side of the tire
  • Possibility of anchoring in the back wall and in the bottom, two back wall and bottom holes are arranged diagonally; the fastening material is attached
  • In series with a specialist floor
  • Color: Black
Model K (Mechanical lock)
  • Armored security double bar lock SecuSafe; from work with two keys
  • Nine arrests and one million different closures
  • VdS-tested and ECB • S-certified
Model E (Electronic lock)
  • Electronic number lock "SecuTronic" TRSE 12 H
  • Inclined touch control panel with graphics display for optimal visibility
  • 1 million real code variants
  • Each six-digit admin and user code, freely selectable and changeable at any time
  • VdS-tested (lock class B / EN 1300)
  • Menu guide in twelve languages
  • Reading history possible
  • Batteries included: 4x Mignon LR 06 AA
  • Easy battery change

Give burglars and fire no chance! Find valuable and beloved items in a combi-line safe from BURG-WÄCHTER. Because the safety cabinet combines theft, burglary and fire protection.

The Combi-Line models at a glance

Article External dimensions H x W x T (mm) Interior dimensions H x W x T (mm) Door size H x W (opening in mm) Weight (kg) Content (l) Locking system
CL 410 K 320 x 435 x 380 205 x 320 x 232 205 x 265 44.0 15.0 Mechanical lock
CL 420 K 360 x 495 x 445 245 x 380 x 297 245 x 325 55.0 27.0 Mechanical lock
CL 440 K 560 x 495 x 445 445 x 380 x 297 445 x 325 77.0 50.0 Mechanical lock
CL 460 K 820 x 495 x 445 694 x 380 x 297 694 x 324 111.0 78.0 Mechanical lock
CL 410 E 320 x 435 x 380 205 x 320 x 232 205 x 265 44.0 15.0 Electronic lock
CL 420 E 360 x 495 x 445 245 x 380 x 297 245 x 325 55.0 27.0 Electronic lock
CL 440 E 560 x 495 x 445 445 x 380 x 297 445 x 325 77.0 50.0 Electronic lock
CL 460 E 820 x 495 x 445 694 x 380 x 297 694 x 324 111.0 78.0 Electronic lock