• Installation via the integrated web browser and fast remote access
As before, all settings can be made at the alarm center - or alternatively via
the integrated web browser that also allows for remote maintenance.

• Camera integration for monitoring interior spaces
Video verification indoors using a PIR network camera. In the case of a
event, the video images are sent directly in an email to the authorized user and
stored in the event memory of the alarm.

• Operation via app, notification by e-mail and push notification as well
VoIP communication
The alarm center can be easily activated and deactivated via the app. It is also possible
to control the outputs on the control panel as well as to access the snapshot function and
the camera's live image wherever you are.

Active protection against all types of incidents
With the large selection of detectors, it is possible to be alerted about many
types of incidents, such as fire, water, assault etc.

• Communication routes now also IP-based
A PSTN dial module and network connectivity are integrated by default
and Secvest. Thus, IP-based transfers such as VoIP calls,
notifications via e-mail and digital control center protocols are sent. That
integrated analog PSTN dial module and an optional GSM module enable
to use all classic means of communication.

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