DC200 Complete with normal-arm L190, EN 2-4 silver

Model: RU930865
Barcode: 5713184066339
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Product properties
DC200 is recommended for light interior doors as well as light fire doors.

  • Max. 80 kg door weight
  • Max. 1100 mm door width.

Technical specifications

  • Rack guide
  • Can be mounted both on the hinge side of the door and opposite the hinge side
  • Reversible right / left
  • Opening angle max. 180 °
  • Adjustable closing force EN 2-4
  • Adjustable closing speed (C) and final pressure (L).
  • Supplied as standard with opening brake (BC)
  • Overpressure valve to protect against overload
  • Temperature range + 45 ° C to -35 ° C.
  • Adjustment of arm height 14 mm
  • Clip-on cover that matches the series' cover cap design
  • Length 223 mm, height 60 mm, depth 47 mm.

Opening brake (BC): Using this function increases the opening resistance in the range between 70 ° - 180 ° opening angle. This prevents the door from blowing up in strong winds. The function does not replace a door stop.

DC200 can be mounted with the following arm types:
L190 Normal arm (standard)
L191 Normal arm with holding function (must not be used on fire doors)
L197 Powerful normal arm
L198 Extended normal arm
L199 Special arm for fire doors (cannot be disassembled)

Available in the following colors: Silver, white.
Can be delivered in RAL colors to order.
Approvals and markings
CE marked and approved according to EN 1154. Approved for fire doors.

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